About Us

Moore Street has seen many changes since this building was erected in the late 1887 as DR D.I. Watson’s Pharmacy. Since Watsons Pharmacy closed in 1960, the building has been one restaurant or another over the next 58 years of its existence. Moore SOB has been the location of an ice cream sundry, several restaurants and now Moore Street Oyster Bar.
Oliver and Suzanne Landis saw a diamond in the rough. Oliver passed away before completing his dream of opening an oyster bar in Southport, however, that didn't stop Suzanne's passion to bring his dream to fruition.
Now, you have the improved layout and beautifully exposed historic brick displayed in a way that has never been done before. A magnificent tribute honoring her late husband that he would be proud of!
Moore Street Oyster Bar aims to serve elevated bar food consisting of oysters and steamer pots at its heart. We hope to bring the feeling of a family experience over a steamer pot, cracking crabs, and eating oysters.